we produce INSYTE Smart home - unified building management system.

This is a professional system of automation and control of all subsystems in the house, apartment, office, any building. INSYTE Smart home is an automated system for the management of technical devices that are equipped with residential premises. Artificial intelligence optimizes and coordinates the work of each of them, ensuring availability and ease of management. The system is a hybrid-patented solution that combines wired and wireless technologies.

how does a smart home work and how difficult is it to manage it?  
The operation of all systems is in the automatic mode, and control via the smartphone, tablet and conventional switches. The study of computer programs to control a smart home is not required.& nbsp; Smart home consists of several devices installed around the house, each of which has its own intelligence. With just one click, you can set the desired room temperature, open the gate or turn off the lights in the rooms not used at the moment. Everything happens quickly: you will not see how a smart house works, but there is already a significant saving of energy resources and, as a result, saving the family budget.

what do I get? What me the benefits and the benefits?  Why is INSYTE better than the competition? 
You will get comfort -   the ability to control the lighting without getting out of bed before going to bed, control the heating directly from the phone, open the gate without running to the entrance, turn off all with one button when leaving, turn on the cinema with one button, and this is not the whole list, but only part of it. It does not matter Whether you are at home, at work or on vacation, everything works through the Internet. You will get prices significantly lower than competitors, as our company is a developer and manufacturer. You will get the supervision of the entire project from the beginning and & nbsp;to delivery. You will get energy savings of 25-30% due to optimal management of heating, air conditioning, lighting systems. We have the widest dealer network of 500 companies in every city of Russia and CIS, in comparison with competitors, so you will receive full warranty and fast technical support throughout the life of the smart home.

Comparison of the cost of equipment and work with other professional systems "smart home".







from 100 RUB/m2

from 380 RUB/m2

from 430 RUB/m2

from 500 RUB/m2


from 1000 RUB/m2

from 3500 RUB/m2

from 5000 RUB/m2

from 7500 RUB/m2


from 250 RUB/m2

from 360 RUB/m2

from 420 RUB/m2

from 500 RUB/m2


from 150 RUB/m2

from 740 RUB/m2

from 860 RUB/m2

from 1000 RUB/m2


from 1500 RUB/m2

from 4980 RUB/m2

from 6710 RUB/m2

from 9500 RUB/m2

Why the price difference?
INSYTE Electronics - independently engaged in a full cycle of work: the development, production, sale and support of "smart home"systems.& nbsp; Wages of Russian engineers are significantly lower than foreign. The cost of production and Assembly in Russia is cheaper,  than in China.  foreign brands in the price includes duties, excise taxes,  delivery, margin of several intermediaries. 

What is a smart home made of?
Smart home INSYTE includes many subsystems. Smart home equipment can be divided into 6 classes. This lighting and power; security and access control;  audio video system;   climate control;   connection;    other engineering systems. 


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