INSYTE Electronics have developed the first in Russia cloud robot for energy saving

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15 August 2018
INSYTE Electronics have developed Russia's first open global platform for effective energy management EMS INSYTE. The developers call a service "cloud-based robot for power saving", it is designed to collect and analyze data on energy consumption and building energy efficient facilities of all sizes: from small cafes to industrial enterprises and high-rise buildings.

Platform EMS INSYTE works on the basis of IOT technology. It includes various kinds of controllers, cloud server, which collects data on energy consumption and the services that process the information and generate scenarios for energy efficiency.

The cloud is capable of handling up to 1 000 000 connections. Information on energy consumption and the EMS INSYTE services are available to clients on the platform's website in the personal account.

EMS INSYTE provides a summary of General information about energy consumption in the charts and tables, allows to predict the energy consumption and offers solutions for optimization of energy consumption. Enhanced access allows the calculation of specific energy consumption (amount of energy per unit of production), rationing of consumption, the calculation of the target norms of consumption, benchmarking, pricing and other objective functions, allowing to optimize the energy consumption.

In the test mode of EMS INSYTE launched at four sites in the Perm Krai: industrial complex, bakery, boiler house and administrative building.

"INSYTE Electronics — manufacturer of equipment for smart home and energy consumption management is a logical continuation of the development of the technology. Equipment not just monitor energy consumption but also allows to optimise energy consumption, to build a managed process — the General Director of the INSYTE Electronics Sergey Gribanov. — EMS INSYTE can accurately answer the question, what percentage of the price of the cakes in the bakery accounted for by energy consumption, how much energy is spent on production of one concrete slab or brick — anything. We called EMS INSYTE cloud-based robot for power saving — with each business owner or building owner to manage energy consumption as a professional energy Manager, to build the managed processes and to reduce energy costs up to 30% per year."

The first data on the results of the use of EMS INSYTE on objects will be available in early fall, and a full commercial interface product will receive in about six months.

INSYTE EMS was developed with the support of the National technology initiative in the framework of the road map, Energynet.
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