The company INSYTE Electronics have become a resident of SKOLKOVO

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18 October 2018

NSYTE Electronics received the status of SKOLKOVO resident — our company was included in the it cluster of the Federal innovation center.

INSYTE Electronics has developed a global integrated platform for effective energy management EMS INSYTE. We call the service "cloud-based robot for power saving", it works based on the technology of the Internet of things.

Cloud-based robot designed to collect and analyze data on energy consumption and building energy efficient facilities of all sizes: from small cafes to an industrial enterprise. In EMS INSYTE consists of 18 types of controllers, cloud server, which collects data on energy consumption, and services that analyze information and form scenarios are efficient energy use. Now cloud EMS INSYTE is able to handle up to 1 000 000 connections.

The project was implemented with the financial support of the National technology initiative in the framework of the road map, Energynet.

"Status of resident "SKOLKOVO" gives us an opportunity to attract additional expertise from other members of it cluster Fund. This is important, because now EMS INSYTE is at the stage of test operation, based on its results we will Refine the client interface, — said General Director of INSYTE Electronics Sergey Gribanov. — Rated us residency status also indicates that energy efficiency is an urgent issue for our country, and it must be solved using advanced it-development".

October 23-25, INSYTE Electronics will introduce a cloud-based robot EMS INSYTE at international energy fair WETEX in Dubai.

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