Partnership with MajorDoMo

What are the functions of a Smart house will You get? You can learn here!

Менеджеры компании с радостью ответят на ваши вопросы и произведут расчет стоимости услуг и подготовят индивидуальное коммерческое предложение.
28 August 2018

INSYTE Electronics announces partnership agreement with software developer for smart homes MajorDoMo.

MajorDoMo is free software for creating a Smart home.

Thousands of users and dozens of integrators from all over the CIS use MajorDoMo in their Smart homes.
Maximum platform flexibility allows to realize the most unique scenarios and to integrate virtually any device/automation into your Smart home INSYTE.

The INSYTE team and MajorDoMo adapted hardware and software to each other, tested the quality of the work.
Now all users of the equipment INSYTE can integrate for free ON MajorDoMo in their projects.

Complete your application online, we will contact you shortly and answer all your questions.