The price of smart home system

What are the functions of a Smart house will You get? You can learn here!

system Cost is calculated individually for each project. If you need a quality but inexpensive smart home system, buy it offers you the company INSYTE Electronics.

What is included in the cost of intelligent systems

what is the price? How much is a smart house from the manufacturer? How to make a cheap a smart home that could be recouped in the first 2 years of its use?

These issues are extremely important for a person intending to install a similar system in my house. You can ask what set the price of smart house in different companies of your city. However, no one will not give an exact answer, because the value of investments depends on many factors.

the First is the system design. At this stage, the analysis of wishes of the customer and its premises, on the basis of which the project is developed. If engineers come to the conclusion that a more complex installation of the system, smart home, the cost will increase. As controls – keypad and performing the device – need a place to stay, with major projects for buildings to accommodate some devices may require a special (utility) room. The need for its arrangement will increase the price of the project. Higher and the cost of the work under the key.

the Price also depends on the amount included in the project subsystems. What more functionality will have a smart home, the higher will be its cost. Naturally, multi-function smart home system prices will be higher than the installation of simple equipment to control artificial lighting. The more comfortable you want to make a living in your own home, the more will be the price.

How to install an inexpensive smart home

In the smart home system, order development and installation of which offers you the company INSYTE Electronics may consist of the following subsystems:

  • home theater system;
  • climate control;
  • remote control;
  • alarm
  • management of water supply and sewage.

You can choose one, two or all at once depending on their needs and the amount that have.

INSYTE Electronics carries out designing and installation of systems the clever house whose price is much lower (and in some cases very substantially) imported counterparts.

For example, the cost of conversion cottage or 3 bedroom apartments will be approximately 90 to 150 thousand rubles. But this is only the cost of the equipment. Installation, programming and commissioning work will increase the system cost by 30-50 %.

on average, smart home system turnkey cost our customers approximately 150 thousand roubles taking into account the cost of equipment and installation. If you choose a system value in 100 thousand rubles for its installation turnkey pay 30-50 thousand rubles. Equipment and installation is recouped in 2-3 years due to the rational use of energy resources.

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With us you can afford to install smart home of your dreams!

book cheap smart house from our company you can at any time. Thanks to our own patented developments and schemes the price of a turnkey system from INSYTE Electronics is much lower than imported counterparts.

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