Smart home system - turnkey solutions

First of all, it is important to determine the functionality that you want to implement in your intelligent control system. At this stage, you have a wide scope for creativity. Intelligent home differs from an ordinary household appliances (everything in it is limited by factory functions). We have extensive experience in creating and implementing smart home systems to help you realize your dreams.

the entire smart home management system can be broken down into subsystems that are implemented individually or together

lighting control Subsystem

Quite a popular function, allows you to control the lighting groups, smoothly turn on and off the light, remotely set the desired level of brightness. It does not need to change the existing lighting, smart home will use the devices that are already there.

home theater subsystem

Popular with fans to watch TV or movies at home with comfort. It will allow you to control all TV and audio devices in your home, eliminating unnecessary remote controls and the need to repeat the monotonous actions. How many actions you need to take to watch a movie: turn on the TV, audio system, turn on the DVD, turn off the light, press Play... Smart home subsystem for home theater will do it all in one click.

climate control Subsystem

Today, in addition to radiator heating batteries, various heaters, as well as air conditioning and Underfloor heating are used. Each device requires a separate control, as a result it is difficult to control the climate in the house as a whole. Smart home subsystem for climate control will save you from these problems. It will automatically set a comfortable temperature in degrees, depending on the time of day and will help to be constantly informed about the climate at home.

security and alarm Subsystem

Smart home can be equipped with an alarm system, with which you can receive data on the status of important objects in the house on your mobile phone. It can be data on opening of doors or Windows, presence of people, inclusion of electricity. You will be able not only to receive information on your phone, but also to manage the house through SMS messages.

water supply and ventilation control Subsystem

This subsystem of smart home allows you to close/open valves and water valves, including controlling the occurrence of leaks. Carries out air quality control, and proper ventilation of the room.

< h2>visualized and remote control Subsystem Often traveling people, and especially owners of country houses and cottages, this subsystem will be simply irreplaceable. Remote control allows you to monitor the status of your home from anywhere in the world via the Internet. In addition, the owner can manage the house using touch panels, tablets and mobile phones.

how to order a turnkey smart home?

When choosing a subsystem, it is important to remember that the solution is not necessarily completely fixed, at any time you can add new features to your smart home. And also, the above is not a complete description of all possible functionality, these are only typical examples, while the system can be significantly expanded by the integration and integration of individual subsystems, the addition of new modules and your imagination.

Next, it is important to decide how many objects you want to manage. For example, if it is lighting, it is necessary to count the number of groups, if it is a climate subsystem, then determine the number of heating or cooling elements, and so on. To implement smart home gradually, automating the system for the system, the room in the room.

As a result, you want to connect the imagination to determine the desired behavior at home. Here you can realize all your needs and desires for home management. Write down everything that comes to mind. It remains to turn to our experts with their ideas, listen to their opinions and allow them to implement an intelligent control system smart home of your dreams.

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