Climate and heating in a smart home

what is a "climate control system"?

      climate control system in a smart home INSYTE - is an automated complex management of all types of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, humidification, drainage in the room, which combines all the devices into a single system that supports the most comfortable mode of existence. The most convenient and common way to control the entire set of equipment is carried out from tablets and smartphones. The user, setting the required temperature in the room, does not think about how it is achieved. If you want to cool the air, turn on the air conditioning, if heated – heating. This can be radiators, Underfloor heating, convectors or heat pumps. At the same time, they will never work at the same time. The system will automatically create the desired level of humidity, air purity, temperature, while saving energy. The climate control system, & nbsp; combining with other smart home systems INSYTE, gives the highest degree of comfort stay in the house.


What functions do I get?

  • climate control from IR remote, tablet, smartphone, computer·air conditioning control from a single remote
  • the
  • management of air conditioners with IR transceiver depending on the time, date, coming events, alarms, temperature
  • control of heating devices
  • the
  • manage devices of heating with an IR transceiver, depending on the time, date, coming events, alarms, temperature
  • climate control General, multi-zone

how does it work?

     You as the owner of the smart home INSYTE can control it with any IR remote, tablet and Apple smartphone or Android, laptop or desktop computer. Commands from a smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi access point, the Internet fall into the main module, called the Central controller, which in turn controls not only the climate, but also the entire system of the smart home. Thanks to Internet and SMS, no matter where you are, at home or in another country. The Central controller, depending on the task, sends a command to the Executive modules, such as IR transceivers, relay modules and others. They, in turn, control the climate technology in an appropriate way. You can control all existing types of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, humidification, dehumidification.

example of equipping a Smart home INSYTE in a cottage.


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