Building Automation and Home Dispatching

management System

the Automated dispatching system utilities and security and fire services of "Smart city" was developed in the framework of the national project of the RF government "Safe city".

  • the security and access control in the basement, boiler rooms, Elevator rooms;
  • readings from the meters of electric energy, water, gas, etc.;
  • readings from different sensors: water leakage, gas leakage, pressure, motion, humidity, light, etc.;
  • disconnection of water supply planned and in emergency situations;
  • disconnect the gas supply planned and in emergency situations;
  • the control of water leakage, gas leaks;

the System of automatic dispatch, utilities, and fire and security services involves the organization of groups district and one municipal Central dispatch center with operator station system and a distributed system of data collection and management. The automation system is open for future expansion and capacity-building functions. The ideology of the decision allows to organise the phased implementation of the project, the possibility of unlimited expansion of the system and mild upgrades subsystems.

  • the removal of information from water meters, gas, electricity;
  • removal of information from the sensors, leaks, fire, smoke, air pollution and penetration;
  • remote control of valves of gas, water, electricity to enter the entrance and/or the whole building;
  • data transfer over a dedicated communication channels for remote control

Functionally, the system of automation of homes and buildings consists of a set of modules of "Smart home" - LanDrive of the company INSYTE Electronics (Russia, Perm), networked via interface RS-485 on twisted pair. All meters, sensors and actuators connect to the system modules LanDrive via interfaces such as dry contact, counting and analog inputs, and also via relay output modules.

автоматизация дома или зданий - умный дом

The system is powered by a constant voltage 12-24V current rate of 0.5 W per module. To energize the system provides a backup power source, preferably offline for 24 hours of operation.

As the transmission medium for the dispatch console uses a network provider with a dedicated VPN channel. Physical connection is via Ethernet adapter c dedicated IP address. To transfer using 128 bit SSL encryption.

If there is a 4 apartments, each is going to eat 4 parameters (electricity, gas, water, alarm), then the area will need 4 modules, at the entrance of the 10-storey building – 40. Taking into account additional parameters for drive – 50. Home – 200 devices.

При интенсивности съема информации в 1 запрос 1-го параметра в секунду и длине параметра в 10 байт, трафик с одного дома будет составлять 200*10*60*60*24 = 172Мб в день. При запросе один раз в минуту – 2,8Мб, в сутки – 48Кб.

All the houses in one area are combined into a technological network, with a dedicated server. On this server is stored in the local database, which is replicated in the Central database located on the server at city data center. As DBMS used Oracle 10.

On the local server, you also install the data collection client, which produces the survey data collection systems in houses according to certain algorithms and schedule.

For the local server also provides backup power sufficient to correctly close the current session and signaling to the upper level on power failure.

For the local server with the number of units to 500 and a request rate parameter per second enough the server configuration in single-processor systems with 2 or 4 cores and 2GB of memory on Board. The cost of the system unit of a system like 20 thousand rubles as software on a local server is installed on Solaris, as adapted to work with large data volumes (free).

City datacenter consists of a database server and the application server. Software and hardware the Central control room implement the display of information from a distributed system of data collection, processing, archiving and logging of data characterizing the state of the main equipment, the formation of management information.

a database Server provides storage and archiving data on a schedule, and collects data using the replication mechanism inherent in the DBMS with local regional servers.

the application Server is processing information in accordance with laid algorithms, and provides web services to access this information. Interaction with the client goes through an encrypted channel. Clients have all information available in the form of reports in a web browser. Also provides integration to other databases and systems via a virtual private VPN connection.

For servers in the city or district data center also provides redundant power. It requires configuration as a 2 or 4 processor system, with 2 or 4 cores and 10Gb of memory on Board. The cost of the system unit, this system – from 80 thousand rubles as software on a local server is installed on Solaris, as adapted to work with large data volumes (free).

by integrating information from all operational subsystems of the guard-fire signaling, systems of water supply, Sewerage, electricity and lighting, communication – will be possible to quickly make the right decisions and perform the necessary actions associated with the operation of the building, informing the relevant services of the event.

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