Lighting control, smart light in the house

what is a"lighting control system"?

The light control system in the smart home INSYTE is an automated control system for all types of lighting in the room, as well as in the local area. Each group of lighting, each light source, light bulb or led strip can be controlled both from the usual switches and remotely from tablets, smartphones, computers and IR remotes. Lighting groups, included on command in a certain sequence, according to the scenarios, create a variety of unique atmosphere in the house, for example, Guests Mode, Cinema, Sleep. Automation helps to save energy and save the life of light sources. The lighting control system combining with other INSYTE smart home systems gives the highest degree of comfort of staying in the house.

What functions do I get?

  • remote control of lighting from IR remote control, tablet, smartphone, computer
  • standard and manual lighting control with conventional or touch switches
  • automatic lighting control according to the scenario, depending on the time, date, & nbsp;the event occurred, the operation of motion sensors, etc.
  • smooth lighting on/off
  • setting % % light brightness
  • setting the lighting on/off speed
  • simulates the presence of hosts by a given program  
  • energy saving
  • saving lamp life
  • the
  • automatically turns on the light when entering, turn off when 
  • the
  • manual exposure modes are available, for example, a movie Theater, Away, Night

how does it work?

        You as the owner of a smart home INSYTE can remotely control the light in the apartment with any IR remote, tablet and Apple or Android smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. The function of the usual for all lighting control switches on the wall is not only saved, but also expanded. Now, with the help of switches, you can set the desired % of the light brightness, as well as select the desired scenario. Remote commands from a smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi access point, Internet, or SMS fall into the main module, called the Central controller, which in turn controls not only the lighting, but also the entire system of the smart home. Thanks to Internet and SMS, no matter where you are, at home or in another country. You can control all existing kinds of lighting, such as incandescent, halogen, energy-saving, led strips. This is how the concept of "smart light in the apartment"is realized. 

Example of equipment Smart home INSYTE cottage lighting control.


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