Design, Assembly and installation of smart home

"Smart home" is a high – tech engineering services, taking on most of the task management functionality of the house. This is not fiction, but a real opportunity to shift the care of an intelligent system, self-management in the home heating and air conditioning, regulating lights and temperature and is able to perform many other functions.


The system of "smart house" INSYTE suggests the presence of a variety of communications, sensors, cables, which are preferably mounted so that they do not interfere in the harmony of the interior. Installation of smart home logically under construction or finishing work when you do not have to break the finish and you can pre-allocate for the main way of communication mines or hollow channels. br>
a well-mounted smart house, a project that is developed before carrying out construction and engineering works, subsequently it will be easy to repair and reconstruct. To create a project, engineers evaluated the current condition of the walls and floors of the room, carry out the necessary measurements and determine how and where should route all communications systems. br>
When designing a smart home definitely takes into account the wishes of the landlord if in the future he plans to expand the functionality of intelligent systems, engineers when creating the project provide for this opportunity. The planning involved and the designer, a measure like installation of smart home system can affect the final look of each room. All data on the location of the communications reflected in the plan. Completed planning for the calculation of equipment required for installation of the smart home, its cost, installation time, and programming.

Mounting and installation

On the basis of the received data is generated by the smart home, the installation of which performs a specialized company. Cabling, installation of switches and sockets, the Executive modules and other equipment is based on project data.
After installation, the systems INSYTE, you are ready for final finishing – at the end of running the programming and setup of the instrument. the
Intelligent system for home INSYTE applies to wired devices. There are also wireless equipment, allowing to control the functionality of the home without the need to run cables. From the point of view of reduction of installation costs is certainly advantageous. In addition, it reduces the cost of purchasing equipment and its installation and allows you to build such systems without disturbing finishing. At the same time, smart house, a project that involves the purchase of wired equipment is much more reliable and easier to use. br>
to Save money when it comes to comfort and coziness that can make your holiday complete, it is unreasonable. If you have the opportunity to make your home smart, do it. Recommended systems INSYTE as the most reasonable and affordable price, to purchase which you can in our company.
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