Remote control of the smart home

What is remote management?

Thanks to new technologies, the popularity of smartphones and tablets you can control your smart home in the distance. Ie while at work, You can always turn on/off certain functions of the equipment in the house through the Internet, to learn about the visitors to see who is home and what is involved. In emergency situations you will learn first about the incident at your house promptly and able to call for help or service. Even such as watering plants, you can "make" while in another point of the earth.

Smart house system allows all the controls are placed in the same device, and this in turn frees You from unnecessary worries, allows you to spend more time favorite thing, travel. For Your arrival the house will set a comfortable climate, lighting, make the coffee, heat the sauna.

Remote control smart home

What features do I get?

  • management of all functions and equipment with tablet, smartphone, computer, including via the Internet
  • SMS alert to a remote cellular phone about emergency situations
  • Remote management access to the house, apartment
  • GSM alarm security
  • GSM alarm system fire
  • GSM control of all system functions
  • remote viewing with video surveillance cameras
  • the output of video cameras on the tablet, smartphone, computer

How does it work?

You as the owner of smart home INSYTE can control it with a smartphone and a tablet Apple or Android, laptop or desktop computer, remotely or via the Internet. Commands from a smartphone or tablet via hotspot Wi-Fi, Internet, or SMS fall into the main module, called a Central controller, which in turn manages the entire smart home system INSYTE.

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