Security and CCTV in the smart home

what is security and access?

The security and access system in the smart home INSYTE is an automated complex of management of all types of security, fire alarm systems, protection systems against water leaks, gas leaks, access systems, video surveillance, emergency remote notification and indoors, as well as on the local area.

The system protects You from household gas explosion, from water leakage at all points of analysis, from penetration into the premises and outside the security perimeter, from fire. The system controls access only to authorized persons, and records all movements in the territory, and in case of emergency automatically calls security and notifies you on your mobile phone.

Security and access system, combined with other systems of smart home INSYTE, gives the highest degree of comfort stay in the house. 


What functions do I get?

  • control system from tablet, smartphone, computer
  • room access control system  
  • the withdrawal/arming with a key-tablets I-Button access cards
  • GSM alarm system security
  • GSM fire alarm system
  • GSM control of all system functions
  • remote cell phone alert for emergency situations
  • disarming and arming a remote cell phone
  • output of video cameras to tablet, smartphone, computer
  • output of the video camera to the intercom on the TV

how does it work?

As the owner of an INSYTE smart home, you can control IT with any IR remote, tablet and Apple or Android smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. Commands from a smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi access point, the Internet, or SMS fall into the main module, called the Central controller, which in turn controls not only the security system, but also the entire system of the smart home INSYTE. Thanks to Internet and SMS, no matter where you are, at home or in another country. Thanks to the versatility of the system, you can manage all existing security systems, access, gas leaks, water leaks, video surveillance of any manufacturer.  

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