Automatic sun blinds, curtains, blinds, roller blinds

what is a sun protection control system?

Sun protection control System (automatic curtains, blinds, electric shutters) in a smart home, INSYTE is an automated control system for all kinds of motorized devices protection from sunlight. As well as other smart home systems, it works automatically and software master's commands. Curtains can be controlled "manually" with switches, as well as with tablets, smartphones, computers'. Automatically curtains with electric drive can be closed in the evening before going to bed and open after the sun. The system will determine the amount of sunlight and make a decision. It is possible to set the opening of curtains exactly on time or days of the week. In the same way works and management electric blinds and roller blinds.

control of roller shutters when combined with the alarm system allows them to be automatically close when arming. Also often used closing shutters at night to reduce the heat loss through the window structure.

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What functions do I get?

  • curtains, blinds, shutters control from IR remote, tablet, smartphone, computer
  • standard and manual control of curtains, blinds, shutters with conventional or touch switches
  • automatic control of curtains, blinds, shutters with electric drive according to the scenario, depending on the time, date, & nbsp;the event, sensor operation
  • curtains control by time of day, light level
  • control of blinds according to time of day, the level of illumination
  • shutter control by time of day, light level
  • automatic closing of roller shutters when owners leave
  • thermal energy savings

how does it work?

as the owner of an INSYTE smart home, you can control IT with any IR remote, tablet and smartphone Apple or Android, laptop or desktop computer. It is also possible to control the curtains from the switches on the wall. Commands from a smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi access point and then get to the main module, called the Central controller, which in turn controls not only the curtains, blinds, but the whole smart home system. You can control all existing types of sun protection and roller shutters.

Example of the equipment of the cottage equipment Smart Home control INSYTE for blinds and shutters.

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