Watering in the smart home

what is a"irrigation management system"?

This system allows you to control irrigation in the garden, greenhouse, greenhouse, ... with its help you get data on humidity, air temperature, light and on the basis of this control irrigation and auto-watering. The system will not allow to include watering in an unfavorable period (during and after rain, in heat, during frost). You can adjust the watering so that it itself includes watering plants in your absence. Remotely you can control the process and quality of irrigation. All control is from your tablet or smartphone, wherever you are. Thanks to Her, your plants and garden will always be green and blooming. 


What functions do I get?

  • irrigation control from tablet, smartphone, computer
  • automatic irrigation control depending on temperature, time, humidity, illumination.
  • report on schedule of watering and moisture conditions.

how does it work?

Control of water supply valves, storage tank, drip irrigation system, humidity, light and temperature sensors is adjustable. It is possible to set irrigation scenarios according to certain indicators of sensors, time, weather forecast. & nbsp;Commands from a smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi hotspot, Internet, or SMS fall into the main module, called the Central controller, which in turn controls not only the irrigation system, but also the entire smart home system. Thanks to the Internet and SMS, no matter where you are, at home or in another country, you can control all the equipment in the house.

An example of equipping an INSYTE smart Home For auto irrigation.


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