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General questions

A detailed description of the Modbus Protocol can be studied via the following link.

LanDrive system consists of a Central controller and network Executive modules. Their connection is on a 5-wire bus: 2 – food 2 - information lines A and B. 1 - ground. For installation use 8-wire cable FTP twisted-pair with shield, stranded each core. In this type of cable has a special 9th the grounding conductor combined with a screen which connects to the grounding modules. The remaining 4 of the conductor remain in reserve in case of breakage. Data is transferred via the standard RS-485, Modbus RTU Protocol.

The power supply is carried out in any stable power supply constant voltage 12 volt.

A detailed description of the RS-485 standard can be explored on the following the link.

According to the specification standard RS-485 maximum cable length twisted pair can be 1200 meters. However, given this fact, it should be noted that at such distances it is necessary to reduce the baud rate of devices on the network. Usually, even on the larger cable length does not exceed 500-1000 meters. In rare cases, when there is excess, possible to use 2, 3 Central controllers and combining them with a single structure.

Cabling at the facility is carried out in several ways.
First, from the Central controller extends the beginning of the bus and through each point where you want execution units. It is desirable to feed the cable through the ceilings, sockets, switches in all the rooms, even if they are not currently avtomatiziruete. Further, this eliminates additional work and rework in the event of a change of the project after its commissioning. As practice shows, customers often add something in the installation process and after, and the cost of cable is not critical. When passing through the control point, you must leave the supply cable loops with a length of 20-30 cm from the Tyre continuously through all points of control at all levels. At the extreme second end of the bus between the information conductors A and B must according to specification RS-485 to position the termination resistor 120 Ohm.

Second when placing the Central controller and modules in the panel, connecting twisted pair is laid only in the shields between the modules. I.e. its length is a few meters. And the signals from switches, alarm buttons, are sent to the modules in the shield through the other de-energized "twisted pair", which is conducted through all of the necessary cups of switches. Standarta 8 wired pair with the screen has 8 conductors and 1 ground conductor that allows you to get 8 discrete signals from the switches. Power wiring to the lighting groups or outlets in this case should be conducted from the shield separately to each group.

Ways of wiring are determined from the condition of a specific object. If the object is already laid power lines to control, it is better to use the first option. If the object is at the design stage or have not carried out the power cables, the second. It should be noted that the second option allows, if necessary, completely remove the power voltage from the internal wiring in the premises. For example, during a night's sleep, when excessive electromagnetic field does not contribute to a healthy environment.

The Central controller may be located in a special shield and in any available place. Modules, depending on performance, may be located in the glasses of switches, sockets, suspended ceilings, niches or as technological in a single shield.

Not desirable, but in desperate situations, when the tire is either already paved or impossible to do without branches, every ray of the tyre must be confirmed by the resistors of the required resistance encountered in a specific beam. In the most extreme cases, perhaps the use of specialized splitters and repeaters RS-485 signals. But it should be noted that when using this topology, and this type of equipment can decrease the network speed.

The connection is effected by crimping the conductors of the bus special tips with the help of a specialized crimping tool. Supply terminals and the crimp tool is a Sales INSYTE Electronics.

In the system LanDrive available all currently existing methods of control systems "smart house". IR remote, keyboard control, control touch panels, computer control, remote control through Internet, control with mobile phone.

Control with IR remote controls is implemented by means of modules LD2-IR. This module is able to maintain a large number of IR commands to audio -video equipment and air conditioners. Save commands is accomplished by sending with the remote in programming mode. After saving the commands you can use in scripts depending on the needs. Module LD2-IR is embedded. Has made the emitter and transmitter, IR receiver and IR emitter that plugs into a wall or accessories as needed. The system can present a variety of IR modules.

The touch panel has a special software which creates a virtual "desktops" with virtual buttons that, when clicked there is a programmed action. The panel performs wired or wireless communication with the Central system controller transmitting commands.

There is significant portion of customers "smart home" that wants to control the system with a group of keys are located in one place. It is enough to set in place a group of uncommitted, or standard electrical switches connected in multiband modules, such as LD2-4IN, 1 script - 1 entry. The user pressing a key will activate the specified script.

Questions on software

Right-click the device, select edit type and check the box editable fields in the field of education. Then save and try again.

LD_ConfiguratorPro finds the connected controller Spider
I enter the admin password, but it turns out the error "Controller not found, or password is not correct!".
OS finds the controller fine, the drivers are installed.
Windows XP (SP3) what the problem is?

Re-flash the spider to the latest firmware, 2.14 Configurator only works with her.
Also check in device Manager which COM port is assigned to the spider, the valid ports are 1 through 10.

There are several ways to work with variables in Iridium Mobile.
1. Add to the list of devices Spider, click on it, right click and select "Edit type". Add a new field, select the type Holding Register and the address. Address variables in Modbus begins with 1001. Since each variable occupies 2 registers, the address of the next variable will be 1003, respectively. In Iridium GUI Editor when you import the project INSYTE channels will be displayed and created variables.
2. In Iridium GUI Editor, copy the channel you want, select Register: Holding Register and the appropriate address. Attention! In Iridium Mobile address starts with 1000 variables, respectively variable with the address 1001 Builder will match the variable with the address 1000.

Questions on equipment

The controller does not support automatic obtaining IP addresses (DHCP). The IP address is configured in the controller settings in the Configurator.

Most likely the problem is in fluorescent lighting. The lamp gives a flicker, which is invisible to the eye but recorded by the sensor.

The connection is made as follows:

Spider Sensor
14 black
13 red
9 blue
10 connect 14

Re-boot of the controller to its factory state. On the menu: Controller -> Restart -> To its factory state

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